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This was really hard to make and is working currently only on Windows and OSX. It will also work only with the Low-level Color API. The High-level Color API will not work at the moment.

Basically choose on which monitor Iris to work on like this

9 thoughts on “Manage monitors page

  1. Can you make it to use different settings to each monitor? i.e I use the health setting on the main monitor(the built-in Retina display) and the reading mode on the external monitor.

    1. Hi Rausth,
      At the moment you can only adjust the brightness and blue light settings for each screen individually
      We’re currently working to bring you different types for different screens
      We’ll notify you as soon as it’s ready 🙂

      Customer Communications Manager and Lead Marketing Specialist
      Iris Technologies Ltd.

      1. I have problems with this setting, I’m tryin’ to use the Iris only with the external monitor, but when I disable it in the main display it doesn’t. So I can only do it proper with the external display. Is it a problem or something I’m doing wrong?

        1. Hi Rausth,
          As I understand you’re having problems with using the different types (i.e health, sleep, reading, etc) for different screens, yes?
          Or are you having trouble with the brightness and blue light in advanced settings? Because those two are the only settings right now that can be used on different screens
          We’re working on introducing more features for two screens in new versions of Iris 🙂

          Customer Communications Manager and Lead Marketing Specialist
          Iris Technologies Ltd.

          1. I’m having problems just when I activate the iris only in the second monitor, any mode, when It active the monitor blinks from time to time.

  2. Hi, I have a Macbook Air, connected to a Dell P2719HC monitor via an HDMI to Mini Display Port cable.
    Iris is not working on the external monitor. I’ve tried Per Monitor Settings both On and Off. If I try to change setting on an individual monitor, only the laptop screen changes, and both Monitor 1 & 2 seem to adjust the laptop. How can I get Iris to work on the external Dell?

  3. Hi,
    I’m wondering why I can never achieve the same colour/effect on both my screens…?
    On “manage monitors” both screens are ticked, and “screen effects” are off

    1. Hi Noemi,
      This could be due to the particular difference in displays of your different monitors

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