Migraine Eye pain

Patients usually go to doctors with a complaint that only one side of their head is aching and there is severe pain in the eye of the same side it is rather a rare condition but if it begins to occur on a regular basis then it is very dangerous.

What is it?

It is a condition in which a hammering headache occurs on only one side of the head accompanied by blurry vision or temporary loss of vision.

The patients feel their body unbalanced because half of their head functions normally while the remaining half fights with throbbing pain.

Symptoms of migraine eye pain

Symptoms of migraine eye pain vary with the magnitude of pain.

They are also a bit different from those of casual eye pain.

Major signs and symptoms include:

Why does it happen?

There is not a specific reason that causes migraine eye pain, in fact, a number of reasons pile up and cause this condition.

The list of reasons that cause migraine eye pain are as follows:


The migraine eye pain is as terrible as any other form of eye pain or a headache.

This painful condition must not be taken lightly and urgent steps must be taken to treat it.

When conditions like migraine eye pain are left untreated, it refuses to stop and grows up into a worse shape.

In order to treat this condition, one must consult their doctor immediately.

They might prescribe you some painkillers such as aspirin, or a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine.

Other pains relieving ideas include a good sleep, hot packs or warm baths.

How Iris helps?

Iris is one of the most competitive software whose main goal is the protection of eye health of its customers.

Iris believes that eye health is as important as the health of other parts of the body.

With increasing number of migraines in today’s world, even people of young age including teenagers and kids experience migraines, Iris has come to the conclusion that it is best to come up with preventions.

Thus, Iris presents its features offering sole protection to eyes from blue lights.

Since a big number of today’s population is connected through social media, i.e. laptops, computers and smartphones there must be a barrier which can protect people from the highly harmful blue lights.

When Iris blocks the blue lights, it becomes easier for you to work in front of the monitor.

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