Blue Light Filter For Windows

Дали сте во потрага по blue light filter for Windows? If you owned a Windows-based computer or any computer with a different operating system, you can be exposed to blue light.

Here are a few reasons why you need to protect your eyes from blue light and how a proper blue light filter can help you.

Computers and Blue Light

Today we spend long hours at a computer screen. It’s estimated that around 60% of individuals spend more than 6 hours each day in front of their digital device.

This is a lot of time spent and during this time, we get exposed to blue light.

Whenever you were exposed to blue light waves these are the highest energy, and shortest energy wavelengths that we experience in the visible light spectrum.

Since these waves are shorter, they flicker easier than the longer and the weaker wavelengths.

When you get this sort of a flickering there’s a glare and this will reduce the visual contrast, clarity, and sharpness.

This glare and flickering causes headaches, замор на очите, mental fatigue, physical fatigue, and other conditions.

This is directly caused by sitting at a computer screen for long hours at a time.

This is one of the main reasons why we need a blue light filter for Windows and other operating systems.

Blue Light Protection

We need blue light protection because the natural filters of our eyes don’t provide enough protection from the light rays produced by blue light.

When we have prolonged exposure to Blue Light you may get loss of vision, макуларна дегенерација, retinal damage, and other eye problems.

It’s critical to spend less time in front of your computer if you want to save your eyesight.

The problem with this is that in our technologically advanced world we need to spend long hours in front of our computers because we do the bulk of our work in front of computers.

This is why you need a proper filter app for your computer.

Solutions to Blue Light

There are several solutions to dealing with blue light.

One of the simplest solutions is to use blue light filter glasses.

These glasses have a filter built in which will help you deal with issues with blue light.

The main problem with this is the expense of buying the glasses and not everyone find them comfortable.

Another solution is to spend less time at your computer, but for many of us, we simply can’t do this because we need to use our computer for the work we have to do during the day.

The best solution is to use a proper blue light filter which you can get through software solutions.

Ирис Софтвер

Ирис is a company that makes excellent blue light filters and you can get a blue light filter for Windows as well as other operating systems.

This software has many different features in settings which make it easy to use.

When you use the filter, you won’t have to deal with issues from blue light.

You can simply install the software, and it will begin working for you. If you want to save your eyesight from damage, consider getting a blue light filter from Iris.


Blue light can be a problem and we need to address this issue. There are ways to solve blue light issues and the best one is to use quality software from a company such as Ирис software as they have excellent blue light filters to meet your needs.

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