Iris has 3 modes
– Automatic
– Manual
– Paused

With this page I want to explain when to use them and what they mean.


Automatic mode uses your clock and location and automatically sets Iris between the day and night settings.

During the day your screen will will be more bright and with more blue light and during the night the brightness will be decreased and many of the blue light will be removed.

During the night the screen will also be more yellow going to red. This is normal and the reason for this is because Iris is removing the blue light from your screen so you can fall asleep faster.

Use this mode if you don’t know what to use. Use it also if you want everything to happen automatically and don’t open Iris much.

This is how Automatic mode looks in 3 PM

And this is how it looks at 10 PM


Manual mode uses the night time settings all the time. Blue light and brightness will be decreased.

It’s useful if you don’t have sunlight coming in your room during the day or you just like Iris to be ONΒ all the time.

Use it when you want lower blue light and brightness all the time.

Manual mode looks like this all the time


Paused mode will stop all Iris color changes and will return your display to calibrated colors. Iris preserves color calibration if youΒ have calibrated display and Paused mode will revert your monitor to calibrated display.

Use it when you want exact colors, for example when you paint something or when you just watch and enjoy some movie or game in all the colors and have the best experience.

In Paused mode Iris is basically stopped and there is no eye protection. Blue light is also present and it will be hard for you to get to sleep fast. Note this when you use it at night.

You know Iris is paused when the icon is yellow

Paused mode looks like this. Notice how the white is perfect white

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  1. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for this excellent health conscious software. I struggle with chronic disease however need to use my computer a lot. Which mode affects flicker the most? It seems the various modes affect blue light but what if you want constant flicker reduction?

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