Do I need a blue light filter for PC?

blue light filter

If you spend a lot of time in front of your computer, then you need a blue light filter for PC to protect your eyes.

But let us first to explain in short what blue light is and then dig deeper into the problem.

The sun is our natural source of light. White light is the type of light we see.

In the white light are contained all of the coloured rays – red, yellow, green, purple, blue and their endless shades.

Therefore, we are getting blue light naturally thanks to the sun in small portions.

However, when received from an artificial source, blue light is the cause of many eye problems and is seriously damaging your vision.

And in the days we live in, blue light is literally everywhere.

This type of light is the one that reaches the deepest in our eye receptors and causes the biggest damage.

It is given off of every computer, smartphone, tablet or TV screen.

And apart from vision problems, one might suffer from sleep loss, eye fatigue, eye redness, and many more because of long exposure to blue light.

There are several ways to reduce blue light exposure.

  • You could try to minimize the time you spend in front of your computer or phone

The 20-20-20 rule is a good way to reduce stress in your eye muscles.

This rule is done by taking a short 20 seconds to break in every 20 minutes.

And at the time you have this break, you have to look at objects at least 20 feet away.

This exercise helps to minimize pressure between the eyes and relieve muscle stress.

  • Consider buying special glasses for computer use

Computer glasses are designed with special lenses that filter the blue light.

These glasses can be both with or without dioptre, depending on your needs.

They can be bought from special optics stores, but consult with a specialist before doing so.

They are also a good investment, but quality glasses can be a little expensive.

What is a blue light filter for PC?

Blue light filters for PC are programs that you install on your computer.

There are also variations for mobile phones and tablets, working on both Android and iOS devices.

Blue light filters readjust the settings of your display and block the light that harms your eyes.

The moderate the pixels and the colour that they emit.

With these filters, you can choose what colour temperature your monitor should have, as warmer temperatures are better for your eyes.

Warm colours are more natural and not harming to human eyes, like yellow, orange, brown and red.

This is why screens that have a filter look a little yellow (some even have the colour of deep orange, depending on the intensity of the filter).

This phenomenon could be compared to the experience of reading a book because of the usual β€˜bookish’ colours.

But still, we haven’t answered the main question in this article.

Why do I need a blue light filter for PC?

1. For a night of better and healthy sleep

Research has shown that blue light directly affects your sleep quality and often causes insomnia.

This light makes your brain think it is daytime and deprives it of essential sleep hormones.

With a blue light filter, you are not going to have to turn off the lights some hours before going to bed in order to sleep well.

With it, you will be able to work on your computer or use your phone whenever you like and for how much time you want.

Work till the middle of the night or chat with friends until 3 a.m., it is your choice to make.

2. To protect your eyes

If you do not want to suffer from sore eyes, eye fatigue, and redness, or vision problems, then you have to protect your eyes.
Plus, your eyes’ health does an impact on your sleep.

Therefore, you have to pay attention and look after your eyes’ health.

3. For staying fresh during long hours of work

For sure you must have noticed that a long period of computer/phone usage has made you tired and kind of feeling dull.

When you eliminate the blue light radiation from all of your displays, then this is going to change.

4. To remind yourself to take a break

Some blue light filters for PCs have this option to remind you in a specific period of time (set in advance by you) to stop your work and just flex your eyes by looking around.

Our eyes tire the most by staring in one spot without blinking.

This is why looking around and flexing your eyes’ muscles can help you to feel better.

And usually, when we are at work we forget to do so. For this reason, break reminder options are welcome.

Where can I get one?

We recommend you Iris – the blue light filter for PC and Android/iOS devices.

Iris is a software that is used by millions of people from 180 countries around the world.

Iris is a professionalist in making the monitor of your computer or laptop safer for your eyes.

It has many options like the break reminder, automatic turn on and off settings, artist mode and more.

Iris provides a variety of filter modes that suit everybody’s desires and preferences.

It is suitable for all ages because everybody deserves to be protected by the blue light.

You can have it for your own use, for a friend, for your children or your grandparents.

Furthermore, if you worry that such a program is going to disturb you while you work – do not.

Iris operates in the background and doesn’t interfere with what you are doing with unwanted ads.

It is only going to step in when it is time for your break.

Last words

To sum up, if you spend a lot of time in front of a monitor or phone display and want a fast and cheap solution to your eyes problems, then you must get a blue light filter.

They are easy to use by everybody and are suitable for all of your devices.

Blue light filters for PC are a cheap and beneficial investment for staying healthy in the long run.

Author: Yoana Borisova

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