NEW version 0.3.3

We just build NEW version of Iris

Download “Iris-0.3.3” Iris-0.3.3.exe


In this version there is a new feature for temperature config. It works similar to the brightness config. Remove the _remove_ and write start hour end hour and temperature to control colour temperature more advanced. Soon there will be automatic location finder for auto adjust colour temp, but for now you can customize your colour temp the whole day with this temperatureConfig.txt
There is also a little bit improving in the UI and
I personally hate spending time on social media, but sometimes I need to just block all of this time sinking sites. So there will be a new feature for blocking websites in Iris. In this version I added the UI for this functionality. Expect feature to block websites which will help you be more productive while you are doing your work. 🙂

Sincerely yours,

– Fixing ui styles
– Add new pages to advanced view
– Fixing cursor styles
– Fix strictness level label
– add _remove_temperatureConfig.txt
– Add temperature config to Iris
– ui for blocking web sites

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