NEW version 0.3.5

We just build NEW version of Iris

Download “Iris-0.3.5” Iris-0.3.5.exe


Finally automatic color temperature. 🙂
I have to admit, this one was pretty hard. Iris now automatically finds your location and use it to find solar position. There are a lot of math and physics, but briefly when the sun sets Iris will gradually decrease the amounth of blue light emitted from your screen and your monitor will become more red.
Also for you the people that use Asana for task management, there is suprise. I started to implement Asana API for Iris, so in the future versions you can add and complete tasks from your desktop, even when you are offline. And they will be synced back to your profile when you go online 🙂

Sincerely yours,

– Add automatic color temp based on the sun positioning
– Add OAuth with Asana

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