NEW version 0.3.6

We just build NEW version of Iris

Download “Iris-0.3.6” Iris-0.3.6.exe


Designers we love you and in this version there is something for you.
Many people who work with colors doesn’t like to use blue light reduction software like Iris.
And I was thinking for a long time. What if you can select portion of your screen that saves normal colors and the other part of the screen will be with lower color temp.
After 12 hours of straight coding Iris have a new feature.
You can now select which part of your screen to have color correction.Untitled

You can activate this new feature by pressing

The normal mode will be paused and the colors will be reset.

After this you can click
Ctrl+Alt+Left mouse button to select the area you want to be with normal temperature.

You can disable the feature with

Try to select from upper left corner to lowe right, because the algorithms behing this are really complex and it is still buggy.
I was just super eager to show you this awesome new feature 🙂

+ Sound is added at the beggining and the end of a Rest 🙂

Enjoy the new version,

– Color temp area selection
– Add sound for breaks

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