NEW version 0.4.4

We just build NEW version of Iris

Download “Iris-0.4.4” Iris-0.4.4.exe


The wave effect of the rest screen was ugly. It is removed in this version.
The font is changed to local one to have better cross-platform looking and the exersice page buttons are fixed a little bit.
This version is for the people who use the productive screen. There is no icon in the taskbar when the productive screen is running.
Enjoy 🙂

P.S. My bad is that I fucked up the first time I uploaded the new version. I now reuploaded it and everything is ok, but there are 3-4 people that really fast downloaded the first upload and after they start Iris again there will be again New version notification and the version in the about will be 0.4.3. This is fixed now, but I’m really really sorry to this people. After they download again the new version everything will be fixed 🙂
And you will actually get one more change witch is Iris now changes colors faster when starting.

Sincerely yours,

– Add shadow on Iris for linux
– Add normalization of the UI
– Delete wave effect on rest screen
– Add local Arial font
– Fix exersice page buttons
– Productive screen window now does not show into the taskbar

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