NEW version 0.4.9 for Windows

Download “Iris-0.4.9-Windows” Iris-0.4.9.exe

It was about time for a new version.
I think you will like this version. Why you ask. Because from now on you can use Iris forever.
Because I want everyone to use Iris, I thinked a lot and come up with new business model for Iris.
From now on Iris will be free for 4 hours per day. Every day till the end of the world. And this time will deplete only when the program is running. And you can pause Iris whenever you want and the timer will be paused. And there is super awesome new taskbar icon with progress bar and different states:

Displays remaining time progress bar. It’s full now

And all of you. Dear users. You still have your free trial from previous version. Which basically means that you had given the subscription fee, but you are not. And you can pause this time also. So 1 month can last for 6 or a year, because the time is depleting only when you are using Iris.

Well basically this is it, little by little I want to create something wonderfull. And now you have the chance to use it forever for free. 🙂

Hope you like it,
Dani 🙂

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