NEW version 0.5.0 for Windows

Download “Iris-0.5.0-Windows” Iris-0.5.0.exe

In this version there are many new things and bug fixes 😛

First of all I write part of the Iris manual for Break reminding:

When Iris is updating it’s closing and opening again automatically now.

Other things:
– Fixed Reset temperature chashes the program when paused
– Brightness min value now goes down to 5
– On activate code refresh tray icon
– Add made in bulgaria to Iris website
– Restart after expand color range is now working
– Fixed 32-bit expand color range
– Fix latitude longitude width
– Add color temp K value and brightness % to tray icon tooltip

Super Strict mode is back again so be carefull 🙂

Sincerely yours,
Dani 🙂

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