NEW version 0.5.1 for Windows

Download “Iris-0.5.1-Windows” Iris-0.5.1.exe

It was a lot of work this days. First we write code for detecting lock and unlock of the computer and
– Timer is paused on lock and unpaused on unlock
– New version notification X to be pointer not cursor
– Fixing Iris with no internet connection
– Add save of BrightnessGraphValues
– Add restore of BrightnessGraphValues
– Add color temperature graph saving
– Add download icon
– Add downloading progress bar code
– Longer timeout of installer for killing Iris
– Color graphs are now working but without interpolation

Basically Timer pausing on lock/unlock. There is now progress bar while you are downloading the new Iris version and the super advanced graphs are working now:

You can now experiment with them 🙂

Sincerely yours,
Dani 🙂

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