NEW version 0.5.4 for Windows

We just build new version of Iris:

Download “Iris-0.5.4-Windows” Iris-0.5.4.exe

In this version:
– Shortcut for the color inversion Ctrl+Alt+R
– Automatic brightness with the camera
– Smooth brightness detection
– Use camera action
– Fix rest crash
– Add Ctrl+Alt+P shortcut for pause/unpause Iris
– Place license page to the end
– Pages are now autogenerated
– Add AI and Auto updates pages
– AI page
– Try to fix multiple rest screens when unlock
– Try to fix Rest timer deleting
– Fix pause when there is mouse hook
– Normalize Rest timer deletion
– Fix free daily usage expired when first time install for the first minute

You can see the brightness detection feature here:

And something to tease you. We made our test ambilight. Maybe we will start make Iris backlights 🙂

Do you want one of this? 😛
Dani 🙂

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