NEW version 0.5.5 for Windows

We just build new version of Iris:

Download “Iris-0.5.5-Windows” Iris-0.5.5.exe

In this version:
– Connecting AI page to code
– Changing blink to camera
– Blink Screen to work automatically
– Change BlinkDetection to Camera
– Adding messages into blink screen
– Fix no image when blink detection disabled
– Adding error messages to Blink Screen
– Add serialization of Blink Screen showing
– Do not show blink screen when camera active
– Auto updates page
– Add snow effect
– Add snow storm to Iris
– Add check for Updates ON/OFF
– Connect check for updates to code
– Connect Updates interval to code
– Connect auto updates page to auto updates. Add mouse auto clicker

In this version I have added something very special for you. Happy holidays from me and from Iris 🙂

Dani 🙂

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