NEW version 0.6.3 for Windows

We just build new version of Iris:

Download “Iris-0.6.3-Windows” Iris-0.6.3.exe

First thing first. Iris updates will not be so frequent as before. The reason is I broked several builds for many users which was bad. Now I will make more testing before posting new version. This doesn’t mean that the work will be less. Probably you will get many more changes at once, but at least Iris will not crash easy.

In this version:
– Fix Iris refresh
– Fix unlock temperature
– Fix consumming of PgUp and PgDown when brightness is changing of Browser
– Block keyboard when Iris shortcut
– Return of the fixer. To not reset colors after unlock
– Force refresh after expand color range
– Fix expand color range notification
– Fix Iris closing when calibration expand color range No
– Use software mouse cursor and autosave settings
– Force refresh when settings are restored
– Start adding mouse trials regedit changing
– Add restart needed for Software Cursor option

Or in English. Do you see your cursor bright and not affected by color changes?
Now you can fix this with the option Use software cursor in settings.
I also made many fixes for color range expanding and Iris calibration.
Shortcut for color temp is added:
– Ctrl+Alt+ArrowUp
– Ctrl+Alt+ArrowDown
There was also some bugs with the Iris UI for updating properly settings, but now it’s fixed

Sincerely yours,
Daniel 🙂

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