NEW version 0.6.5 for Windows

We just build new version of Iris:

Download “Iris-0.6.5-Windows” Iris-0.6.5.exe

I was busy making and selling Google Cardboards this weeks, but Iris has new features.

First my computer is super slow and I started to search ways to improve it. Iris can now speed your PC. In the momment it’s only 1 checkbox, but in the future there will be more. If you want to speed your PC just click “Speed up this PC” in the System page

Another thing is that the default Windows ClearType fonts are really bad for our eyes. So I started to play with the Font engine of Windows. There are 3 different type fonts now, which you can try. I like and use the Simple fonts. They are a little ugly, but are better for the eyes. I will continue to research how to make the fonts better for the eyes.

This weeks I will invest time to make better documentation of Iris. There are many features which are undocumented. One of the things is Licensing which is super important πŸ˜€

For example Iris is free 4 hours per day. And you will get 4 hours every day.

If you buy Iris you will get 1 month, but this month will expire only when you use Iris. That means that you can use Iris several months or even a year for 10$.

Several peopleΒ complained about the price tag, but this is intentional. I don’t want everybody to use Iris. Iris is for cool people. I am making it with all my heart and if you use it I will make it the perfect program for you.

There are old totally free versions of Iris which you can use and are better than f.lux and other programs. You can find all versions of Iris here:
I will never remove them. Feel free to use Iris, feel free to hack Iris, feel free to pay for Iris. And feel free to contact me for everything. I am a human being and will help you for everything.


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