NEW version 0.7.1 for Windows

Download “Iris-0.7.1-Windows” Iris-0.7.1.exe

I want to tell you that this version is super cool. Especially for the already paying users. Why?

Because of this


There is now 2 models of Iris integrated in Iris.

One is Iris lite which is only with the most used features of Iris.
Iris lite contains:
– Color section
– Location
– Manage monitors(still WIP)
– Pause color changes when this software is running

So the thing is that you can use your Iris license for Iris lite if you don’t need all of your Iris features.
1 month of Iris is equal to 155 days of Iris lite

Also now you can buy Iris lite for 2$ per month(30 days of usage). Before there was only option to buy Iris for 10$. Which was expensive for some people.

With this new Iris lite, with Iris mini, with Iris and Iris micro I do think that now Iris is awesome for everyone.

I’m working hard on better documentation and help also and on focusing Iris only for the eyes. I guess my dream to make layer over the OS will be posponed, because I want Iris to be the best product for eye protection first.

This blue i button, this is part of the new help system.

Something interesting that is priority for me now is making Iris works on multiple monitors with USB cable. I know how to do it and this will be kick-ass. This is problem also with f.lux and other competitors.


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