NEW version 0.7.5 for Mac OSX

Download “Iris-0.7.5-OSX”

Download “Iris-0.7.5-Installer-OSX” Iris-0.7.5-OSX.pkg


This version is massive step forward for Iris.

First thing I finally saved some money to buy Apple Developer license and Now there will be no more Unknown developer error! 🙂

Second now Iris is free forever.

The new payment model is active in this version and you can buy lifelong Iris Pro for 10$.

I fixed so many bugs.

I added grayscale mode.

I added also Screen overlay, but I am not ready with the Part screen overlay yet.

The next several weeks I will work a lot on the OSX build, I will try to make it even better than the Windows version.

I will also try to submit Iris to the AppStore.

Iris has also installer for OSX. The pkg version is with installer. Oh and it starts automatically on Login

And the day temperature and other awesome features from the Windows version.

Enjoy this awesome new version of Iris for Mac OSX

With love,
Daniel 🙂

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