NEW version 0.7.5 for Windows

Download “Iris-0.7.5-Windows” Iris-0.7.5.exe

This is a version that you will remember.

Iris is now lifelong free! I also changed the subscription payment model to be lifelong. You can get advanced settings for 10$ lifelong.

Aside from this there is new super awesome Screen overlay with part screen color selection and extended values for temperature and brightness.

Lots of bug fixing Iris types and modes for the most popular config settings.

Well it’s just awesome.

I’m so exited and now I just hope that you will like it also 🙂

With love,
Daniel <3

Everybody who has bought Iris lite or Iris before. I have transfered all your activation codes and they should work with the new Iris so just enter them again and you will have lifelong Iris Pro

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