NEW version 1.1.2 for Mac OSX

Download “Iris-1.1.2-OSX”

New features

New hidden features and magic buttons

Bug fixes and up to date

15 thoughts on “NEW version 1.1.2 for Mac OSX

  1. Question: I purchased the single use one-time license for OSX version 1.1.1 about a month ago. I notice that this version (1.1.2) includes “bug fixes and up to date”, but I cannot update to it with the month old version.

    Do you have a version that keeps existing features but includes whatever bug fixes the latest version includes?


  2. How do I activate the Iris application that I downloaded to my mac today. It is visible in applications but will not open.

      1. I need the OSX version and I can not find the 0.9.2 OSX version on your site to download the correct one that goes with my activation code.

  3. Is the Sunglasses option best for least amount of eye strain? I am not so worried about blue light because my sleeping pattern is good.

    1. Yes, given that you don’t want to adjust your blue light and only care about flicker, you should use it 🙂

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