Night owl Screen Dimmer

The brightness of the smartphone screens is good if used in the daytime.

However, there are different levels of brightness for the nighttime due to the side effects that the increased brightness holds.

Installing a screen dimmer in the system and setting it up to the required level of brightness according to personal choices has become a regular practice by the avid smartphone users.

This feature is mostly used by the Android users due to the awareness and benefits that it provides for the dimmed screen.

The night owl screen dimmer for Android is a trued and tested application for adjusting the screen brightness accordingly.

Android is known to have been created some amazing features to facilitate its users. The night owl screen dimmer is one of those incredible applications which is being successfully operated by most of the users.

The brightness levels in this app can be set according to the surrounding area and lights. However, the levels have to be reasonably chosen to make the most of the feature.

How does the Night owl screen dimmer function?

The night owl screen dimmer is an Android application which was created to reduce the risks of eye strain, headaches, and insomnia, all of which are a result of the excessive screen brightness in the nighttime.

The application’s functions are set according to the personal requirements.

For instance, the user can set the app to automatically dim the screen’s brightness after sensing the dark surrounding.

This way, the hassle of going to the settings and changing the system’s setup is preventing and the night owl screen dimmer gets to efficiently operate the cell phone’s brightness.

What are the special features of the night owl screen dimmer?

The special features of the night owl screen dimmer include:

  1. Adjusts the backlight lower than the default settings.
  2. A timer is given in the app which starts and stops the application’s operation.
  3. Stops the screen’s blue light from affecting the eyes and brain’s functions.
  4. Availability of the red, blue, and green filters to suit the screen’s cover.
  5. An ad-free application which is a big plus point.
  6. Access to the sun timer for benefitting the user of the app’s powerful functions.
  7. Senses the location and increases and decreases the brightness accordingly.

The levels of brightness in the night owl screen dimmer

This is the most liked feature of the night owl screen dimmer.

The levels of brightness that are present in the application are beyond the system’s own default settings.

This means that it benefits the user to an extent of functioning above the cell phone’s instilled features.

The app’s ability to provide numerous levels of brightness is what makes it an exceptional option for reducing the health risks.

With the help of the reduced brightness, the user gets to efficiently function and perform well.

Night owl screen dimmer is an app similar to the eye software Iris which serves somewhat identical purposes.

The idea to reduce the chances of health risks due to the extended screen time has been made possible with the night owl screen dimmer.

Therefore, its use must be made regular and define to ensure a healthy functioning on the smartphones/laptop.

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