Pain around Eye socket


Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of the body and that is why it is important to keep them protected.

We are not asking you to wear glasses all the time and don’t expose your eyes ever to light but there are some cautions that we all can take in order to keep our eyes in good health.

Pain in the eyes has become more usual than ever since the percentage of pollution has increased.

But pollution is not the only cause of the pain.

Exposure of eyes to extreme light or sitting in front of the bright computer screen can also cause some kind of pain around the eyes.

What is Pain around Eye socket?

Pain around the eye socket is one of the common pains that people often experience.

The eye socket is basically the skull in which the human eye is placed and pain occurs at the edge of the eye in this case.

More often it is a minor irritation that goes away with the time as you give your eyes some rest.

But in some cases, the pain becomes severe and can lead to the serious chronic condition.

In such cases, it is advised to visit your doctor for the assistance.

Symptoms of Pain around Eye socket

In most of the cases, the pain is not that extreme which makes it hard for the people to actually know what is happening with their eyes.

But there are some symptoms that can help you figure out the actual cause.

The eyes become sensitive to extreme light, sometimes tears start to appear from the eyes and in some cases, people started to get a double vision as well.

Eye pain can also lead to a severe head pain and sometimes the redness appears in the white portion of the eye.

Why it Happens?

Usually, this happens when the eyes are exposed to the extreme light.

Even the exposure of the eyes to the light for a longer period of time also results in pain around the eye socket.

People tend to use their vision more than its capacity and when it reaches the peak it tends to lose the strength.


There can be different remedies for different eye pains because there can be different reasons for the pain. If the pain is because of some disease then you have to seek medical help on the immediate basis.

But if you don’t get diagnosed with any eye disease then all you have to do is to clean your eyes with some eyes drops recommended by your doctor and to give your eyes rest.

Flush your eyes with water and don’t rub your eyes as you will make the condition even worse.

You can also take pain relievers if it is very uncomfortable for you.

Try to avoid bright lights in such cases.

How Iris can help?

We know that computers and smartphones have now become the important parts of the daily life and it is impossible to ignore them all the time.

If your work demands you to be in front of the computer screen all the time then Iris can certainly help you to protect your eyes.

Iris is basically an eye protection software with which you can control the light, color temperature and brightness of your computer screen.

By default, it automatically detects the day and night time and adjusts the light accordingly but you can also decrease the ratio of blue light that usually strains your eyes.

This will certainly help you to reduce the strain on your eyes and you will hardly experience any pain around the eye socket.

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