Pain around the Eye

Sometimes you suffer from pain around eyes.

There is no particular timing or criteria for his condition.

Sometimes after too much work and exhaustion, your eyes feel tired.

The socket of your eye clearly feels hollow and throbbing pain becomes unbearable.

What is it?

Pain around the eye is a condition in which the eye socket often experiences minor irritation.

Sometimes the duration of this pain lengthens and becomes a chronic condition depending on the symptoms and causes.

The surrounding areas of the eye which includes cheek, nose, and parts exactly under the eyes are affected.

Symptoms of pain around eye

In this condition, the pressure is not built up in the eyes.

Instead, in this situation, patients complain that they feel as if something heavy is placed on their cheeks.

They are unable to take the fatigued look on their face.

The symptoms of pain around eye include:

  • Unfocused or blurry vision
  • Teary eyes
  • A headache
  • Red, sore eyes
  • Droopy eyes
  • Fatigue

How does it happen?

There are several causes which might lead to pain around eyes. Some of the most common causes are listed below:

  • Migraines: The location for migraines is not fixed. They can appear anywhere. If you suffer from a migraine, there are chances that the pain will progress towards the socket of your eye. This will give your eyes a very tiring sensation. If you don’t try to relieve this pain then it is likely that the pain around the eye will intensify.
  • Esophoria: This is a condition in which ocular muscles imbalance. Due to this, the pain begins to spear in the upper and lower parts of eye pocket.
  • Allergy: It is a very easy and simple cause to score pain around the eye. Usually, in a seasonal or an allergic cough, cold and flu the sinuses get blocked with mucus. This mucus exerts pressure on head giving severe headache and ultimately results in pain around eye.
  • Sinusitis: It is the inflammation of sinuses. In this condition, the eye socket fills up with ethmoid mucosa which causes pain around the eye. This causes a stabbing pain around the eye making the patient feel tired and fatigue.
  • Digital screens: You must not be surprised at seeing this in the list of causes. If you belong to those people who work in front of computer screens all day long then apparently, it is the main cause of pain around eyes.


Eye pain doesn’t come with a professionally prescribed treatment.

A treatment requires detailed tests and diagnostic reports.

Upon studying the causes and symptoms, treatments are prescribed.

A treatment can be as easy as taking a hot bath for minimum half an hour and closing your eyes in a dark room for a few minutes.

This is an instant way of relieving pain.

Most of the times when medicines are not available, then washing face or simply rubbing temple with cold water also prove to be an effective way of getting rid of the pain.

In other conditions, antibiotics and antiviral are prescribed to patients so that the conditions causing the pain can be handled first.

These medicines help in reducing mucus formation which stops the headaches and pain around eye is relieved.

In specific cases, eye drops and other medicines are also prescribed.

How does Iris help?

Iris is a filter and it contributes to not letting the dangerous blue lights escape the screen of your laptop or smartphone and allows only the harmless rays to reach your eyes.

These blue lights have very harmful effects on eyes and it is the responsibility of Iris to keep these blue lights away from you so you can enjoy strain free eyes.

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