Home remedies for Pain behind right Eye

Home remedies are the most effective way of treating frequent ailments because an excessive use of the harmful medicines can cause even bigger problems in the body.

Be it cancer or something very ordinary such as a headache, home remedies work the best without causing any disastrous side effects.

Pain behind the right eye is commonly termed as a headache because it mainly affects the head, neck, and shoulders.

However, it also causes severe irritation in the eyes and a disturbed vision as well.

One cannot survive for long with an eye pain because it becomes unbearable after a certain time limit due to the fact that eyes are a sensitive part of the body and require to be treated immediately.

Eyes cannot experiment with the unusual and strange products especially medicines.

Most people tend to find the eye drops as a savior to instantly get rid of the pain behind the right eye.

However, any random eye drops cannot be trusted for the sake of the eye’s well-being.

Hence, a safer method such as home remedies should be preferred for a secure treatment.

Below are mentioned some of the useful home remedies for pain behind the right eye.

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera works wonder for treating the infections and helps a lot in reducing the eye pain as well. A finely peeled Aloe Vera leaf produces enough gel to be put in the eyes and rest for a good 1-2 hours.

Vegetable soup

A vegetable soup consisting of spinach and other leafy green vegetables is extremely beneficial for a flawless vision and perfect eyesight. If taken regularly, it helps in preventing a headache and pain behind the right eye.

Cucumber slice

Cucumber has a cold sensation and therefore, putting its slices on the eyes and giving it a rest for some time relaxes the eye muscles and provides relief to the eye pain.

Rose water

Rose water is the most famous and all time working home remedy for treating pain behind the right eye. A few drops of the rose water work like a magic potion on the eyes and comforts the eyes.

Carrot juice

Carrot is found be supremely beneficial for a good eyesight. Regular intake of carrot juice supports in getting rid of the eye infection and pain.

Hot and Cold compresses

Hot and cold compresses are something that can easily be done at home. It provides relaxation to the eyes from the burning sensation due to the pain behind the right eye.


Ginger tea is also good for treating headaches and eye pain as ginger possess dominant qualities of treating inflammations and infections.

Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is equal to giving a good and quality relaxation to the eyes. Headaches and eye pain are simple to treat with this method.


Putting a couple of drops of honey in the eye gives relief to the eye pain as honey acts a natural antiseptic for treating the dryness and burning sensation.

All of the above-mentioned home remedies are tried, tested, and proved to be safe for the eyes. However, medical consultancy is suggested in severe cases to avoid any misfortunes.

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