Pain in the back of eye

Eye pain is usually the worst kind of pain that anyone can suffer.

Eye pain comes with different intensities and magnitudes.

One very common and unbearable type is a pain in the back of the eye.

What is it?

Pain in the back of the eye is more like a pressure which appears to be sharply shooting from somewhere very deep.

The patients feel a burning and stinging sensation as if the eye is being stretched.

In this condition, patients complain that it feels as if the membrane behind their eye is being pulled like a rubber band and immense pressure is being allowed.

In this condition, eyes begin to feel heavy and the patient is unable to maintain focus.

Symptoms of pain in the back of eye

This condition is rather a package of many relevant symptoms.

Patients not only feel uneasy, but they remain tired throughout the duration of pain.

When the pain in the back of eye begins, it shows some signs but most of the time the signs appear for some time and then disappear.

Slowly with the passage of time, these signs begin to get stronger and ultimately the patient feels stabbing sensation in the eyes.

These signs and symptoms include:

  • Pain behind nose and cheeks
  • A severe headache
  • Fatigue
  • Sore neck and shoulder muscles
  • Watery and teary eyes
  • Drooping eyelid
  • Blurred vision

Why does it happen?

Let’s relate the cause and effect now.

The causes vary from case to case.

But the point is, there are many causes of pain in the back of eye.

Following are some causes of pain in the back of eye.

  • Sinusitis: It is an infection caused by the germs when they somehow make it up to your nose, eyes and cheeks. They produce mucus and the sinuses begin to fill. This exerts pressure and pain in the back of eye and upper part of face generates.
  • Headaches: Headaches are the most common cause of pain in the back of eye. Headache due to stress or any other disease develops a pain in the back of eye.
  • Grave’s disease: When your immune system mistakenly attacks its own thyroid glands then in response it secretes too much of its hormones. This abnormal condition is called Grave’s disease. In this disease, eyes become droopy and bulge out with immune pain in the back of eye.
  • Damage to Optic nerve: Many factors damage the optic nerve and this increases pressure which slowly progress to severe pain in the back of eye.
  • Tooth Pain: You might be amazed as linking tooth with eye pain seems a bit off the track. But yes, tooth pain is another cause for pain in the back of eye. It generates a pulling sensation and the pressure slowly builds up producing pain in the back of eye.
  • Digital screens: Amazed? Need not to be. This is another very basic cause of pain in the back of eye. Staying glued to digital screens for long hours can cause immense pain.


The treatment is not fixed for this situation.

In fact, it depends on the cause and symptoms of pain.

In some cases, as in sinusitis, doctors prefer prescribing antibiotics for the respective time period, so that the production of mucus can be treated.

In other cases, alternative salt and water solution is used to rinse the nose.

Since antibiotics cannot treat viral infections, therefore, this remedy proves to be quite an effective one.

Decongestants and painkillers are also prescribed to provide relief to the patient.

In specific conditions, certain medicines are given to control the damage to the optic nerve and production of thyroid hormone in abnormal quantity.

How Iris helps?

Iris is filtering software that makes sure to keep the blue lights away from reaching your eyes.

Iris is helpful software which does not allow the harmful blue lights penetrate into your eyes and give you an unbearable pain in the back of eye.

With Iris, it is nearly impossible to have pain in the back of eye.


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