Iris filter applied when set to off

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asked Jan 23, 2018 by Gumby9062 (120 points)
I have iris on my gaming pc and i have had no problems until my nvidia graphics driver somehow got corrupted and i did a clean reinstall then when my pc restarted the iris filter was applied before i opened it (it was open in the background) it then opened the iris gui and saw the effects were set to be off. Then when i turned it on it applied the setting i set. So like my iris settings were my default screen and it just changed them to the adjusted setting i set when i turned it on. One other thing when i killed the process in task manager it took off the filters completely. I unintsalled and reinstalled and the same thing happens. I would really appreciate your help thank you.

1 Answer

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answered Jan 23, 2018 by danielng01 (24,410 points)
Try to Reset settings to default from Iris page
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