Iris won't save changes made in the settings and work timer keeps resetting.

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asked Nov 7, 2016 by anonymous
Downloaded Iris (version 0.7.1)  in September and everything worked fine. However, after about 2-3 week I started getting problems with regards to the fact that Iris wouldn't save changes even though I clicked 'Save and close' and a work timer that is always set at 'Work timer stopped' although the 'Stop work timer' option is not selected. These problems persisted after upgrading to version 0.7.4.

Are these problems related to the bugs that you're trying to fix at the moment? Currently, I am using 2 monitors and in the beginning I circumvented to problems by unplugging my HDMI cable before making the changes and putting it back afterwards. This does not seem to work anymore and I'm also not able to activate my licence after installing Iris mini (version 0.2.1)

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answered Nov 7, 2016 by danielng01 (24,410 points)
What is this OS?

Switch to Iris in the settings

In the Iris model section

I make it to work with many monitors and even customizable in 0.7.4
commented Nov 8, 2016 by anonymous
Thank you very much for the prompt response!

I forgot to mention it in my previous post, but the OS that I'm using is Windows 10 Home.

After doing some digging I noticed that the timer still runs in the background, even though the icon in the bottom right shows 'Work timer stopped' when you hover above it.

When I switch to Iris everything seems to be working fine. However, since I don't use most of the additional options from this version I don't really want to keep it up the entire time due to the fact that it drains my licence so much faster.
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