CPU Usage all the time 5-6%

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asked Aug 25, 2018 by SimeonGG

I have seen recently that Iris constantly use 5-6% of CPU. I am with AMD R7 200 video card, latest drivers, core-i3 CPU, kaby-lake, SSD drive and found health option as constant all the time. But no matter what option I use CPU time stay the same 5-6%. Any suggestion?

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answered Aug 27, 2018 by mihail (12,960 points)

Hi Simeon,
On my pc both Iris and Iris mini use about 0.7% of the CPU. We are have been trying very hard to find the cause of this for some time now, I suspect it is a faulty Windows 10 update.

Can you try Iris mini and see if it still happens?

Also, you can message me at contact@iristech.co and I we can try to solve this together there :)


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commented Jan 12 by Peter

I'm getting a similar behavior but in my case it is latest Iris mini and CPU usage is constantly above 12%. This is on a fresh Windows 10 Enterprise version, fully patched, running on i7-4510U CPU. Any resolution to this?
commented Jan 12 by Peter Staev
Just as a follow up if you have this problem, just downgrade to version 0.2.2. There CPU usage is at 0% all the time :)
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