After extracting no AppImage executable is extracted, but a folder in stead. Can not install

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asked Nov 12, 2018 by Alex Meza

I tried to instal Iris on my Linux Ubuntu 64 notebook. After downloading and unzipping/exctacting, an executable file with the name of appImage is supposed to appear. In stead, I get a folder, in which there is one executable with the name of Iris, but this rogram won't execute when double clicked.

I downloaded the trial for 1 week version. If it does work, I'd love to buy the program. But I could not make it work right now. Could you please help.



Alex Meza

The Netherlands

1 Answer

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answered Nov 12, 2018 by mihail (12,960 points)
Hi Alex,

Can you try running the Iris.desktop file? And also through the terminal, cd in the same folder where you unpacked and run sh

Then you should be good
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