Restarting computer changed settings to default

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asked Jan 3 by Diane Z
HI , me again :)

Using trial version so some of these questions may be due to the fact that this is trial.

I just had to restart my computer .  The software fired up fine, but the settings I had , except for manually entered coordinates, reverted to default.  Is this normal?  I do have the box checked for auto saving settings.

Thank you,


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answered Jan 3 by mihail (12,960 points)
It shouldn't be doing this and judging by the fact that the coordinates got saved probably the other settings did too

If you are using automatic mode it is normal to have it look a little bit different because the Blue Light temperature adjusts based on day/night
commented Jan 4 by anonymous
Thanks Michail,

That makes sense.  The issue was that everything was off , including the timer I had set.
Should that not happen when the computer restarts?
commented Jan 4 by mihail (12,960 points)
It shouldn't, did it happen again when you restarted?
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