Problem installing Iris on iOS 12

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asked Jan 8 by Brookway17 (160 points)

 I keep getting an error message when trying to install Iris on iOS 12  using the latest version of Cydia  impactor. I have no problem installing it on iOS 11. I have done all of the usual tricks such as revoking the certificates but nothing seems to help. Has anyone else run into this problem 

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answered Jan 8 by mihail (12,960 points)
Can you tell me what is the error message you are getting so I can try to help?
commented Jan 9 by Brookway17 (160 points)
Installation. CPP: 42
Upgrades application identifier entitlement string does not match installed applications  identifier string
commented Jan 9 by mihail (12,960 points)
Can you try this?
1) Open Xcode - > Window -> Devices
2) Click on your device and remove the app you are trying to install from the installed apps list
3) Try running now
commented Jan 10 by Brookway17 (160 points)
When I look under Xcode the only choices are :
Delete Apple ID
Revoke certificate
commented Jan 10 by mihail (12,960 points)
Okay, can you try manually removing the app from your phone and trying to install again?
commented Jan 13 by Brookway17 (160 points)
The app has never been installed yet
commented Jan 21 by Brookway17 (160 points)
Thanks for all of the help. That worked
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