Can I stop the "2 minutes/30 seconds until rest" notifications

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asked Apr 28 by anonymous
I don't want the noise or the on-screen pop up. I want the rest when it happens but I don't need all the warnings. Thanks

2 Answers

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answered May 7 by mihail (12,960 points)

You can stop your timer and resting periods

We have a short video on how to do that that you can watch here:

commented May 13 by OP
I don't want to stop the timer, I have Iris for the express purpose of using the timer.

What I want to stop is the 2 minute warnings. At least the 30 second warnings are small. The 2 minute warning is large and often blocks important parts of my screen.
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answered May 7 by HelplineNumber (140 points)

I have no idea about that,facing same problem

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