Best monitor to buy?

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asked May 25 by Johnny

I'm looking to purchase a monitor to use with my laptop, and understand I want a flicker free model if possible.

I've found a great guide that rates monitors by their image flicker:

Are all of these good options? Or are some better than others? Of course I will be using Iris software also :)

For example, some have PWM Dimming Frequency 0 Hz, some >1000 Hz. Some have Black Frame Insertion (BFI), some don't. Some are BFI Max & Min Frequency 75 Hz, others are 120 (or 240) Hz 85 Hz. 

I want the BEST! Anyone more knowledgable than I help? Thanks again, Johnny.

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answered May 25 by mihail (12,960 points)
Hi Johnny,

When buying monitor there are a few main things you should be looking for:

1) PWM Flicker free

2)Mate instead of glossy so that it doesn't glare (it's very bad for your eyes)

Most of the suggestions above are decent and as long as they have the 2 things above you should be good :)
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