Revoke license not working

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asked Jun 9 by knowr (120 points)

I have two licenses with Iris for my desktop and laptop.

I have recently reset both computers and need to re-activate Iris on them. I have tried the Revoke form for both licenses, but although I get the following message, I still cannot activate them.

"License revoked
You can now use your code on different machine."

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answered Jun 14 by valeksa (1,960 points)

Can you send us your details here: so we can see what the problem is

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answered Jul 5 by Patrick


I ran into a similar problem when my old computer died. Now that I have my new one all setup and running, I installed version 1.1.7 and tried my license code and it did not work. I revoked the license as you did and after entering the license code, received the same message to "Download and use the old version..."

You can find older versions at this page:

I found the old version (1.1.2), downloaded it and entered my license code and it worked. If you haven't solved your issue as of yet, possibly this will help.


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