Iris will not start on my iOS 12 iPad

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asked Jun 24 by Pete
I just finished my weekly reinstall of the application. Everything went smoothly and I verified the app on my iPad but when I click on  The Iris icon on my home screen the screen just flashes and Iris does not open, kind a like what happens if you don’t reinstall it in one week, it still functions but you can adjust any settings. I deleted the application several times from my iPad And reinstalled it to no avail. I also restarted my iPad and made sure I was on the latest version of iOS 12.

Any help with this situation Would be appreciated

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answered Jun 24 by valeksa (1,040 points)
Hi Pete,

Sorry for the inconvenience

Unfortunately, Iris doesn't function well on iOS 12 and above due to the Apple terms and conditions so that might be what's causing the issue

I would recommend referring to our page on how to install iOS and troubleshoot Cydia:

We're still trying to work out a solution for better experience and will contact you as soon as possible

Again sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for supporting Iris

Customer Communications Manager and Lead Marketing Specialist
Iris Technologies Ltd.
commented Jun 29 by Peter Coyle
The installation process is not the problem. It is once it is installed it will not launch.
I have installed it numerous times before and this machine, iOS 12, and it has worked perfectly
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