My iris doesn't work.

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asked Jul 9 by jsing
edited Jul 9
My iris does not work on my new laptop.

The iris program runs normally, but the BlueLight setting is not applied at all.

The unusual thing is that after rebooting the operating system, the BlueLight setting is applied successfully

I have to reboot my laptop every time to apply the BlueLight setting.

I have experienced amazing changes in my eyes while using iris on other laptop.

I would like to use iris in my new laptop. I hope this problem is resolved

My laptop is acer swift5 i7 model and the operating system is Win10 10.0.18362 version.

I look forward to your reply.

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answered Jul 9 by valeksa (1,960 points)
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Hi Jsing,

There have been a few problems because of the newest Windows updates

We have released a new version that battles those issues

You can download it from here:
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