What is the best monitor / screen to protect your eyes ?

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asked Jul 31 by Alexis

I use Iris. But I'm looking to buy a new monitor to connect my macbook pro and have a bigger screen.

What kind of specs should I look at to protect my eyes the best?

- frequency? Should I buy a 144hz monitor that gamers use?
- flicker-free technology?
- is the size a criteria ? (I'll certainly choose a 24")

What kind of things I should consider to choose a monitor?

It's mostly to work, write, read, watch videos. No gaming neither photoshop work.

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answered Aug 3 by helenejohnson (140 points)

no doubt, macbook pro is good choice

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answered Aug 4 by valeksa (2,000 points)
Hi Alexis,

We have an article on this topic you might want to check out:

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