Iris on multiple external monitors XPS 13 9360 via Dell Docking station (D3100) with Displaylink Ubuntu Linux

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asked Aug 11 by anonymous
I am wondering if it is possible to run Iris (or any other Night/blue light filter) on multiple external monitors via Docking station (Displaylink) on Ubuntu. I have tried flux, Iris, and redshift to no avail. It only works on the primary display (laptop screen) but the multiple external displays remain unchanged.

Note: I am currently using Dell XPS 13 9360 laptop connected to Dell D3100 docking station with two external AOC monitors.

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answered Aug 11 by valeksa (2,000 points)
Hi there,

Go to Advanced view -> Settings menu -> Uncheck use low-level Color API

Then go to Manage monitors menu and pick out your settings for the different monitors

If you're having more trouble write to us at

Hope this helps :)
commented Aug 11 by anonymous
According to the Iris help page, it says that the manage monitors settings only works for Windows and OSX (Not Linux).

Also my problem seems to be quite common as seen by this thread ( It seems to be an issue with the Docking station (driver problem).
commented Aug 11 by valeksa (2,000 points)
Did you try enabling High-level API like I suggested?
commented Aug 13 by anonymous
Yes I have tried that as well. I am not sure if my displays are configured correctly tho as the OS only detects one external displays instead of 2 (not sure if this contributes to the issue)

The manage monitors setting does not appear to work for external displays on linux
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