shorcut key? disable time of day?

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asked Aug 17 by anonymous
two questions:  can i create a hotkey to make the screen warmer or bluer?

also, can i DISABLE the program from automatically changing colors based on time of day?  


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answered Aug 17 by valeksa (2,480 points)
Hi there,

We do have shortcuts in the newest version you can find them in Advanced view -> Shortcuts menu

Iris changed colors automatically when it's on Automatic mode in Simple view - to disable that just change the mode or switch over to Advanced view
commented Aug 24 by anonymous
Thanks so much!

I just want to be able to change the colors myself with a shortcut key whenever I want, and for the program not to change colors on its own. It sounds like it can do that!
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answered Aug 24 by anonymous

Open the Start Menu and go to Settings. Go to System and then Display. You will find there are two settings of blue light. You have two ways to turn on Blue Light settings either manually or on schedule. There is an option called ‘Lower Blue light automatically’. Tap on the slider below to turn it ON/OFF. You can visit to read more blogs on shortcut keys . !

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