How can I tell which of my three activation codes belongs to which computer ?

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asked Sep 4 by timjohns (120 points)

Hello -   one of my laptops is getting replaced in a couple of days and I want to MOVE the Iris license from that computer to the new computer. 

I logged into my Iris User Panel and can see my 3 x Licenses and the activation codes for each.

But I do not know which belongs to which ?

Is there any way to tell ?  

Thanks Tim.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 4 by valeksa (2,480 points)
Hi Tim,

Curently there is no way to tell that in the User panel, but we will be adding it

Sorry for the inconvenience

If you happen to experience any issue after moving a license write to us at
commented Sep 6 by Tim
OK.. thanks for the reply Valeksa.    I think I can remember which order I added my three Iris license to the three computers.   Will give it a try and see how I go.  - Tim.
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