What are the simplest/best eye-strain-relieving settings for low blue light 24/7, brightness, and fonts?

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asked Sep 30 by Cat Saunders
I've been reading all over the website during my free week's trial, which is about to expire. I swear I get more bewildered the more I read. I have eye conditions that are harmed greatly by computer use but must use computers for my business.

Can anyone tell me in clear, simple terms exactly what setting (i.e., not just the section where to find the setting, but also the exact percentages) to use for: 1) low blue light (and whether this should be different for day or eve); 2) what setting to use for brightness (again, for day or night, if it's different for each); and 3) what font setting to ease eye strain without losing readability?

I tried asking these questions in another part of this website, but the well-meaning woman who answered just sent me a link to the user manual (which I have already poured over and which caused more confusion for me).

I can tell Iris is good, but it's much more complicated than I can understand.  Also, the simple "AUTOMATIC/HEALTH" setting doesn't seem to address my needs as well as a custom setting would.  For instance, the AUTO/HEALTH setting is way too bright for my eyes during the day.  I don't know if this is only a brightness issue or also a blue light issue.  

Many thanks to someone who "gets" what I'm asking and can actually answer my questions without sending me to the user's manual again, which already overwhelms me with information.  Hope someone can help!

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answered Oct 27 by valeksa (2,280 points)
Hi Cat,

The settings we recommend are between 0-70% for blue light depending on whether it's day or night and what you're comfortable with, for night - pick lower percentage for blue light

For brightness between 20-80% depending on the environment you're in

You can adjust these from the menus in Advanced view

For fonts use ClearType fonts in the Fonts menu in Advanced view
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