Issues with cursor on some programs

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asked Oct 14 by Headache
When I use this app, it makes my cursor nearly invisible in a few Microsoft applications, like outlook and excel.  I have tried to change settings but can't seem to identify how to fix the issue.  When in excel, the "cross" cursor is invisible when hovering over white cells.  In typing emails, the line to show your place disappears frequently.  Even in this box, when I go to move the cursor, the line becomes nearly invisible.  I am using a docking station with two monitors at work.  There is only so many things I can alter on my laptop at work without requiring our IT department with admin access.  I am using the trial version, hoping to see if this would be a worthy accommodation for me.  So far it will not work due to the cursor issues...Any advice?  I want to see this work properly before I pay or request IT to install the pro version.

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answered Oct 27 by valeksa (2,280 points)
Hi there,

Please write to us with information on your OS and Iris version, a screenshot or video a
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