weird colors when switching from 5K monitor (clamshell) to MacBook display

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asked Oct 25 by ben.mosher (120 points)

I use an LG 5k USB-C monitor with a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018) closed on my desk, so the 5K monitor is normally my only display.

When I disconnect from the monitor and open the laptop, I am often presented with a very weird and colorful display with a lot of purple and red replacing normal colors. If I can find and quit Iris mini--have to sort of click around in the status bar and hope I can find it, it's hard to really make anything out--the colors recover and then I can re-start Iris mini and it will work normally again.

Next time I see it I will take a picture to add to this.


1 Answer

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answered Oct 27 by valeksa (2,280 points)
Hi Ben,

Can you write to us with a screenshot or video at
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