Does Iris work with dual monitors attached to a port replicator?

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asked Aug 26, 2016 by Rebecca
I use a Lenovo Yoga Windows 10 laptop attached to a Toshiba Dynadock port replicator (in lieu of a docking station).  I had been using f.lux to adjust my monitors before switching to the Lenovo/port replicator setup, but it won't work with the port replicator.  (It still adjusts the screen on the laptop, but not the external monitors.)  I know that it's possible to create software that will adjust the brightness and hue through the port replicator, because PangoBright works (I just don't like the colors or that I have to turn it on and off manually).  Will Iris work with monitors attached to a port replicator?

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answered Aug 26, 2016 by danielng01 (24,410 points)
selected Oct 9, 2016 by danielng01
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I can make it, but you should help me test this.

I think that the Color Effects will work on your other system. Can you tell me if Color Effects work?

Also if rest screen works?

I can think of 2 ways to fix this.

1. To use Color effects API to make you some presets for the moment and later to make it automatic.
2. To place overlay on your monitor.

The f.lux doesn't work, because it uses the GPU to change the gamma and this doesn't work with such docking stations and USB cables.

I want to fix this. Somebody else tell me yesterday something similar. It's possible yes
commented Aug 26, 2016 by Rebecca
I'm  not sure what you mean.  What is Color Effects?  Is that another program?  I don't see anything in Iris labeled "Color Effects."  If I run Iris and go to "Color section," I can change the setting, but the color and brightness of the screen don't change; I assume that's because it's not night yet.  "Screen effects" allows me to change the display on the external monitors.  On the "Screen overlay" page, changes to the settings there don't seem to make any difference, at least not during the day.  The rest screen function worked initially, but once I started trying to test the overlay and screen effects, it stopped.
commented Aug 26, 2016 by danielng01 (24,410 points)
If you click Use manual color settings you should be able to change the settings.

Yes, I was talking about Screen effects.
Ok, so if Screen effect works, I can make you screen effect with the your desired Color temperature and brightness for the moment, but you should choose it manually.

I will need a couple of days to make it automatic and integrate it with Iris.

So your second screen is just duplicated?
commented Aug 26, 2016 by danielng01 (24,410 points)
What Color temperature and brightness do you want?
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answered Aug 29, 2016 by danielng01 (24,410 points)
I made you test version which should work with port replicator.

Can you write to me at so I can send it to you and help me test :)
commented Dec 7, 2018 by devin
Hey Daniel, on macbook pro 2015 high sierra, I have 2 monitors connected with (oh so lovely) 2 display ports, but iris wasn't affecting either - is there a setting I need to switch to get iris to affect these monitors?
commented Dec 7, 2018 by danielng01 (24,410 points)
This works on Windows

On Sierra maybe get a VGA or HDMI cable or use Overlay mode
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