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The Ultimate Guide for Iris on Quora

Quora is probably the most important marketing tool for Iris

Quora is probably the most important marketing tool for Iris and here are the reasons:

  • You can target people really easy just by searching questions and answering them
  • The platform is really good for promoting high-quality answers
  • If your answer is good you would also be sent to the e-mail of millions of other people
  • You get tons of traffic to the website without paying anything

Quora is the only social media website which actually works for marketing

Quora is the only social media website which actually works for marketing

I’m actually don’t think that Quora is a social media website because by definition social media works really hard for promoting without a following.

Both Facebook and Twitter only work if you have followers and there is no way to skip the gap between being no one and being someone.

Every other social media works on the assumption that you are already popular and to be already popular you need to be already popular.

This is one loop that it’s ready hard to escape from in the beginning…

The only way to escape this loop, in the beginning, is SEO.

Which means that the only way to become popular in the beginning is to make a blog, write articles, search for what people write in Google.

And this is actually what you do in Quora.

You find what people search about and you answer their questions by showing your product as the solution to their problem.

This is basically your job as a marketing employee in Iris.

You need to find relevant questions about eye pain, eye strain, eye problems, sleep problems.

Then you answer your question by really helping the person, not just spamming the website, because this is stupid.

I need to really care about the problem of the person and you need to answer him before promoting Iris.

Then somewhere in the answer place a link to the Iris website and tell the person that Iris may also help him or her solve his or her problem.

I would go into much more specific details later but basically, the idea is this:

  • Search for a question relater to eye/sleep problems
  • Give great authority answer based on real science and research
  • Mention that Iris may also health with eye/sleep problems.

The power of Quora

Quora makes money

Quora is so powerful that back in 2016 I made my first sale after a post on this site and this is the reason I didn’t quit Iris after 1 year of $0 revenue.

This first sale after a Quora answer made Iris the project that it is today.

I tried everything before starting writing to Quora:

  • I did write comments on other articles and forums related to eye and sleep problems
  • I wrote comments bellow competitor articles and in their forums
  • I posted every day to Twitter
  • I posted every day both to my personal and company Facebook
  • I talked to the people on the street
  • I wrote to journalists
  • I wrote articles on the blog every day about eye and sleep problems
  • And nothing worked. Nothing…

1 year non-stop marketing work and $0 revenue.

Then my last idea was to try to answer questions in Quora and after 1 month of answering by trial and error and this answer

I made my first sale of Iris.

This answer later became one of the most popular programming questions on the website and it currently (06.05.2018) has more 250 000 views and 1000+ upvotes.

You may call this luck but our goal is to replicate this luck on a bigger scale and generate massive earning to our company. More sales will also benefit you.

Why Quora works for Marketing

The main customer acquisition channel of Iris is Search and what Google doesn’t put any value on links from Twitter and Facebook it actually indexes links from Quora in the Webmasters panel even if they are nofollow and noopener

What are nofollow and noopener?

The position on your website in Google Search depends on many factors but the most basic ones are this:

  • Links from high-quality websites you have to your website (more high-quality links = better)
  • Time people spend on your webpage after clicking on the search result (more time = better)
  • How relevant your content is and how long (the relevant and the longer, the better)
  • Is your content unique (the more unique the better)

Because when you place a link on your website you devalue your website and you increase the value of the other website, to prevent spam, Google came with nofollow links which basically don’t pass PageRank value to the linked page.

In SEO this is called Link Juice

link juice

Page A will rank better than Page B because it has more links to it = should be a better search result.

To not enter into much details almost all links today are nofollow because nobody wants to pass a value to other websites and wants his website to be the first in search results.

Quora passes Link Juice

However, Google doesn’t even index links from Twitter and Facebook while links from Quora and Medium are clearly visible in Search console.

I have many reasons to believe that nofollow links from Quora pass link juice and are actually good for SEO which is the main Iris strategy for attracting new users.

links to your site webmasters

From the picture above you can clearly see that links from Quora are visible by Google.

Some other social media sites which pass link juice to our website are Medium, WordPress, and Reddit and this are actually the other marketing channels of Iris.

Iris depends on untraditional methods for marketing which are super cheap or free while at the same time super effective.

Quora Converts

Facebook and Twitter don’t convert much for Iris because they are primarily used on phones and people on phones most of the time don’t feel so much eye pain and sleep problems because the screen is smaller.

Quora is primarily used on laptops and computers and this is the perfect audience for Iris. It’s also really easy to get a lot of views with a couple of simple answers.

Before writing this article I started using Quora again to test some things and got 15 000 views in the first day.

Head over to Google Analytics at 05.05.2018 I had this coming from Quora

50 users may seem like a small number but it’s actually quite big considering that an answer in Quora basically lasts forever and you only read the benefits as the time passes.

The bounce rate of this users is 70% which is actually quite good since even from Google Iris gets 71% bounce rate.

The conversion rate is not so accurate because people go through mail collecting before download but the actual conversion is around 20%


Quora is one of the only channels which can actually start to make money for your business even if you are just starting but you need to put the time to write good answers which people will read and click on.

Quora Rewards you

If your answer gets some exposure Quora will put it in the mail digest and hundreds of other people will see it, upvote it and click on the link to the Iris website.

Aside from this Quora has some really nice interface and you actually learn a lot of new things all the time when you write answers.

Creating a Great Profile

Before doing anything else make your profile to look great. I will give you here my general suggestions.

First, don’t be this guy

quora user with bad profile with iris turned on

Ops forgot to turn on the low-level API of Iris. Here is the guy again without the Iris blue light filter effect. Here is the user profile again

What is wrong with this profile?

Everything is wrong. To start here are the things which will not be good for generating more views and upvotes:

  • No profile picture
  • No real name
  • No something special to present him as someone (credential)
  • No bio
  • No Credentials and Highlight

This the worst possible profile.

The only profile worse that this is the Anonymous profile.

anonymous quora profile

However, some of the most upvoted and most viewed Quora answers are answered by Anonymous profiles so you can actually experiment with that.


When you try to promote having an Anonymous profile will do more bad than good and people will not trust your company.

We will analyze what gets an answer upvoted later but for now, let’s build you a great profile.

Why create a Great Profile?

Having a good profile creates credibility but most importantly people read your answers much more often.

When you have a great profile Quora users will view and upvote your answers more. Simple as that.

Which one is better?




There is clearly a difference in the number of views and upvotes.

The answer of the person without a profile picture and phenomenal description.

My answer with a profile picture and interesting description.


The answers were also different but the other person answer was also good and even longer than mine.

Having a great profile at Quora sells and generates more views and upvotes. Here is what you need to do:

Write your real name

Use your real and don’t just use some random username.

Your name should consist of 2 names – first and family name.

Put a great profile picture of you

Your face should be visible. Even if the photo is not professional just place some of your own head photos.

Write interesting and compelling Credential

Something which will get the person to say “WOW, this guy is someone”.

Write interesting and compelling Bio

Same as the above. It should be long but not too long and to build status and credibility.

Optimize Credentials & Highlights

Strive to have more than 1 item here.

This also builds credibility and here is where Quora places the rewards you have.


Here is my profile which is not the best one but it’s okay and it achieves all the goals.

It’s honest, it builds credibility and it sells well.


This is almost everything I can think of to start with.

Over time look at profiles of the most viewed answers to see what you can use to make your profile better.

Every one of the most viewed writers has something special in their profile which you can use and learn from.

Aside from the great profile this people also have a lot of high-quality answers.

Balaji Viswanathan – 250m+ views

Franklin Veaux – 175m+ views

Richard Muller – 160m+ views

Robert Frost – 130m+ views

Ernest W. Adams – 125m+ views

This was the 5 most viewed writers on Quora. See them, study what they do and how they do it.

With this, I think to close this section. Browse Quora, it’s really awesome social media and I think it’s way more educational and well designed both for people and businesses that Facebook and Twitter.

It’s obvious I like Quora a lot. Thanks to my Quora answers at the end of 2015 I didn’t quit Iris and it’s now a successful business which allows me to do what I love and get paid for it.

How to promote Iris on Quora?


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  1. ya, u said absolutely right because of quora is not just a social media site like facebook and twitter because in facebook and twitter we need follower for our blog marketing but in quora, we don’t need any follower just post an answer and u can get very good traffic. but it only depend on our answer quality that the answer we wrote. the persons are satisfied with that answer or not. so this is such a piece of good information about quora marketing.

    1. Happy to hear, you like the article

      I absolutely agree, the quality of your answers is what matters

  2. Yes you are right , Quora is great platform to share knowledge,indirectly promoting your business, I have started writing answers on Quora back in 2016, when I joined tele communication service provider company where they were offering SMS Services, As a part of Business Development Team, Writing quora is task given by the manager, So when I started initially i just gone through the platform, and I have analysed that, one should write the answers in order to help the audience make the platform useful for them, so i started with writing answer in simple form and in the end started giving hyperlink to our website. Within the span of three we are able to get Business Lead from Quora. Yeah Quora is helpful for getting leads as well especially B2B Business.

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