Reasons for eye pain

We all have experience sore eyes at some point. Sometimes the pain gets better on its own and sometimes you have to seek medical help to reduce the pain.

There can be different reasons for this pain depending on the area and severance of the pain.

In some cases, the pain can be mild while in some cases it can be sharp and intense.

We will list some common reasons for eye pain in this article and will also provide you with the remedy with which you can effectively protect your eyes from the pain.

Vision problem

Yes, if you are facing some kind of pain behind the eyes then chances are that your vision is imbalanced.

When eyes and brain try hard to compensate with each other due to vision problems then chances are that you get pain behind your eyes.

The vision gets blurred most of the times but in some cases, the change is so little that it is hard to figure it out by yourself.

If you are experiencing behind your eyes then you have to get your eyes test by the doctor.

Dry eye syndrome

This is another common reason for pain in the eyes.

According to a research 17 to 30 percent, people face this syndrome at some point in their life.

The eyes in such cases become sensitive to the light and the patient starts to experience a headache as well.

These are the only two symptoms of the dry eyes.

It usually happens because of the continuous use of vision for a considerably longer period of time.

Exposure to extreme light can also be a reason for the dry eye syndrome.


Eyes are the sensitive parts of the body and they can get allergic very easily.

There are people who cannot expose their eyes to dust at all.

If you have some kind of allergy from the fragrances and dust then it can lead to pain in eyes.

The only remedy to this cause is to stay away from the allergens.

You can use eye drops to reduce the pain but if the case has become worse then it is recommended to seek medical help.


A migraine is a medical condition in which the patient faces an extreme headache.

This can also lead to pain behind the eyes.

Usually, the migraine pain is triggered by some kind of unwanted smell or because of eating something that can cause an allergic reaction, stress, and exposure to light.

There are specific pain relievers for migraine patients and the pain in the eyes will vanish with the migraine as well.

There is another type of a migraine that is known as retinal migraine.

This type of migraine requires to be provided with the medical treatment on the immediate basis as it can be a sign of a tumor.

How Iris can help?

These are some of the reasons that can cause pain in your eyes.

The common thing in all the reasons is that the eyes get strained and because of the strain people experience pain in the eyes.

To reduce this pain you can take some cautions and Iris is one of them.

With Iris, you can control the brightness and light of your computer screen and can reduce the strain on your eyes.

The best feature of the software is the blue light control with which you can decrease the ratio of blue light.

You can further change the color effects, magnification and fonts of the computer.

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