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Strong Tritan

What is a Tritan?

Tritans are people with Tritanomaly, a type of blue color blindness where the blue cones in the eye do not detect enought blue light.

As a result, people affected by tritan color blindness confuse blue with green and yellow with violet.

When all blue cones are missing the Tritanomaly condition is called Tritanopia.


Tritans with Tritanopia are Dichromats.

In this case the short wavelength sensitive cones (red) are missing at all. A tritanope can only distinguish 2 to 3 different hues, whereas somebody with normal vision sees 7 different hues.


Tritans with Tritanomaly are Anomalous Trichromats.

This can be everything between almost normal color vision and tritanopia. The blue sensitive cones are not missing in this case, but do have some kind of mutation.

How Tritans see the world?

To Tritan the above images will look the same.

How to setup Vision for Tritans?

From the Setup menu choose Tritanopia.

The colors of the screen will now change. Screen colors are daltonized in real-time.

This is general preset for people with Tritanomaly and you should now be able to distinguish more colors.

If you want more fine control you can buy Vision Pro. With the Pro version of Vision you can customize the Severity of your color vision deficiency and the Color adjustment applied to the screen.

The recommended Severity for Strong Tritans is 50-75%.

Move the Color adjustment slider as you like. For best color discrimination use the most left or right position of the slider. Values in the center have really small color correction.

Happy using of your new computer full of colors 🙂

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