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  1. It was 8am and I was driving to work. I felt terrible cuz my eyes felt like burning from the day before, when I had spent 8 hours in front of my PC at work. I usually play podcasts while driving and so I did again this morning. And there he was – the inventor of Iris started talking how he can make my life better. I couldn’t wait to get to work and download his software on my PC. Now, a week later, I cannot imagine sitting in front of the monitor without having this miracle on. I’ve shared my excitement with all my colleagues and I wanted to share it here with even more people. Download it and feel better, it’s guaranteed!

  2. I folks,

    I started using IRIS because it was the only solution that supported two screens! Since then, I am very happy with it.

    Just wanted to this constructive feedback to improve the product:
    I do a lot of screenshots during my work. With IRIS activated, the screenshot looks yellow and pretty ugly to sent to someone. So everytime I want to take a screenshot I have to pause IRIS, which can get pretty annoying.

    IF there would be a way to “automatically” pause IRIS, every time I open Windows “Snipping Tool” – That would be much of a relief.


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