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11 thoughts on “Leave us a review

  1. It was 8am and I was driving to work. I felt terrible cuz my eyes felt like burning from the day before, when I had spent 8 hours in front of my PC at work. I usually play podcasts while driving and so I did again this morning. And there he was – the inventor of Iris started talking how he can make my life better. I couldn’t wait to get to work and download his software on my PC. Now, a week later, I cannot imagine sitting in front of the monitor without having this miracle on. I’ve shared my excitement with all my colleagues and I wanted to share it here with even more people. Download it and feel better, it’s guaranteed!

  2. I folks,

    I started using IRIS because it was the only solution that supported two screens! Since then, I am very happy with it.

    Just wanted to this constructive feedback to improve the product:
    I do a lot of screenshots during my work. With IRIS activated, the screenshot looks yellow and pretty ugly to sent to someone. So everytime I want to take a screenshot I have to pause IRIS, which can get pretty annoying.

    IF there would be a way to “automatically” pause IRIS, every time I open Windows “Snipping Tool” – That would be much of a relief.


  3. This app is by far the best display adjustment I’ve used, I love it. I needed an app to help with the blue light before bed and in general to reduce the strain on my eyes and this does just that and so much more. The hotkeys are extremely useful and well thought out. All round the program is really intuitive and the features/customization appear borderline limitless πŸ™‚ I was so surprised going through all the advanced settings and finding so much customization available for such an affordable app, there are so many options and filters to choose from. I don’t normally write reviews but after looking at other apps this absolutely deserves it and it deserves every penny. Another app I tried beforehand tried to sell their product for $40 which is just ludicrous considering how much it lacks in comparison. All round this is lovely and I’m thrilled to own it. This is the kind of company that really cares, thank you so much !

  4. Iris is a bestbuy software if you want your biorythm in an excellent shape.
    If i could wish just one software for healthcare, it would be the iristech!
    Thanks for the work guys.

    I hade a problem with my email, and i got instant help on Discord chat, that was awesome also! Thanks!!

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I have been using Iris for years and it’s worth a lot more than the cost of the software. Iris is easy to use and there aren’t any complicated settings to figure out. It has an automatic setting so you can set it up and forget about it and your eyes will be forever protected. These days we spend much of our lives on backlit screens. These backlit screens can be very damaging to our eyes. Iris is the way we protect ourselves from that damage. Also, studies show the blue light that is emitted from screens can reduce melatonin production up to 23%, which makes it much harder to sleep when we need to. Iris also reduces blue light in the evening so that your melatonin production is not interrupted. This is one example of the many benefits of Iris software. Sight is our dominant sense and it is important to protect and take care of our sight. Iris helps us do that. If you download Iris, you’ll quickly see and feel the many benefits you will gain from utilizing their software.

  6. Hello everyone, I’ve been using Iris for over 3 years now and I cannot express how grateful I am for finding out about this software. Ever since I started using it my sleep, eye strain and overall experience on both my laptop and PC have improved significantly. I often use the brightness feature which allows me to dim my display with software instead of hardware which helps out a lot with my eye health. Nevertheless, the sleep mode is also awesome. Not only does it remind me that I soon should go to bed instead of doing a 5 AM coding session but it also makes the monitor have much less blue light which results makes my brain naturally wants to go to sleep.

    Thank you Daniel for this amazing piece of software <3

  7. Iris is a good software if you want your biorhythm to be in great shape. I love the timer function to rest my eyes.

    I had a problem with my email and received instant help in the Discord chat, which was great!
    Thank you!!

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