Screen dimmer for Windows 10

Steep use of the smartphones has become a requirement for keeping in touch in touch with the digital world 24/7.

A lot of the people face some serious problems related to the excessive screen time.

This is because of the blue light or the brightness that is also the key feature of a cell phone because it keeps the screen bright enough for an attractive display.

However, too much of the brightness in an unfavorable surrounding such as in the dark in unhealthy for the eyes and the human body in general.

A technology tool like a screen dimmer for Windows 10 is exactly what was needed for the laptop users.

A screen dimmer app or a software is one of the many applications in the Windows 10 which is supremely helpful in treating insomnia and getting rid of the eye strains and infection.

Below are mentioned some of the facts which prove that screen dimmer for Windows 10 is the best thing to be installed on your laptops and mobile phones.

How is Insomnia related to Light?

The blue light in the smartphones and the laptop decreases the release of melatonin, a brain chemical which is responsible for comforting and relaxing the brain. Instead, it allows cortisol which increases mental stress.

This way, when the user uses bright mode in the night time, it affects the sleep cycle and confuses the brain which results in insomnia.

Screen dimmer for Windows 10 has features that are most suitable for treating insomnia and getting rid of the unbalanced sleep cycle.

The screen dimmer for Windows 10 has been a successful feature of the Windows since its release since its immensely beneficial for a good night’s sleep.

What are the side effects of increased screen brightness?

The fact that the screen dimmer for Windows 10 is a hit feature can be proved by observing the side effects of unnecessary and increased screen brightness, which include:

  1. It disturbs the sleep cycle.
  2. It affects the eyes and generates eye pain.
  3. Other frequent ailments such as eye strain, dry eyes, and headaches are caused by the increased brightness.
  4. It upsets the brain’s functioning by confusing between the two brain chemicals.
  5. It puts immense pressure on the eyes which weakens the eyesight.
  6. It creates frustration in the mood due to the irregularity in the brain’s performance.

Benefits of the Screen dimmer for Windows 10

Countless benefits of the screen dimmer for Windows 10 have been observed since its release and regular Windows users are appreciating the feature by giving honest and contended reviews for the same.

Iris is also one of the software for managing the screen brightness and reducing the risks of eye diseases. Some of the benefits include:

  • It increases the battery life.
  • It provides relief to the eyes through the dark background.
  • It comforts the brain’s activities.
  • It helps the brain in functioning according to the natural cycle.
  • The Screen dimmer for Windows 10 reduces the chances of getting eye infections and diseases.

The screen dimmer for Windows 10 has been found to be as one of the best features of the program since it is benefitting a lot of the people in the long run and providing comfort to their computer and smartphone needs.


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