Settings not working after Windows 10 update

and How to fix this?

Something not related to Iris, but really frustrating for me.

I updated my PC to test, because some users reported to me that full color range is not what working and when I wanted to change my screen resolution what I saw was this

This is really common for Windows updates so not a big deal I though. After several hours of searching the web I didn’t find how to fix it, but I finally managed to fix it with creating New user and copying ImmersiveControlPanel from the new user to the old.

This worked for a couple of days, but then it broke again.

So here is working solution

Write Command Prompt to the search console

Run Command Prompt (cmd.exe) as Admin


cd C:\Windows

Now write

rename ImmersiveControlPanel ImmersiveControlPanel.old

This will rename ImmersiveControlPanel to ImmersiveControlPanel.old

Now run

SFC /scannow

This will rebuild ImmersiveControlPanel

Restart your PC and settings should work fine now.

Try also Iris to make your monitor healthy for the eyes if you liked this fix 🙂


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